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iPad Mini

Do you think there will be an iPad mini?

My iPhone 5 has finally arrived

Taisha L. Walker

On Monday I joined the 21st century.  I said goodbye to my Blackberry –yes, people still have those — and upgraded to an iPhone 5.  The nearly weeks  waited after pre-ordering the phone seemed like forever but I’m glad to say it was worth the wait.

While I’m glad to have just about any phone but a Blackberry, I must say I was expecting more of a wow factor with my new phone. But there was no Aha moment. It turns out to be just another phone. It’s a good phone but if I previously had an iPhone and had a choice to upgrade to the new one I wouldn’t. There are a few new or improved features but nothing to run out and spend $199 on.

I meet someone on Saturday who told me she had all the iPhones and wasn’t impressed by the i-5 while I know someone…

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The Wonders of Technology

The Depths

I love gadgets and technology. Several of my friends have told me I should join ‘The Geek Squad’, I guess that’s a compliment. Some people like to be out in the woods hiking or camping, some like to be in the sea surfing or swimming, embracing the natural wonders. I see the merit one can find in all theses activities, but they don’t really resonate with me. I’m never more comfortable than when I’m at home among my electronics.

I guess this started as a kid, messing around with the wires behind the TV to get game consoles working on the living room TV set. Then soon enough my parents were asking me to sort out the cable, or the VHS/DVD player. I was always taking apart the home computer to install or remove hard drives or sound cards. I had no fear, I had a shoot first mentality. I…

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Windows 8 is coming……


Are you excited?

Windows 8 is coming.

October 26.

Android worried. Apple probably only slightly annoyed.

In the world of tablets, Win8 based tablets will start off slowly. iPads are the dominant force and for most will do just fine but as business and more serious users discover the multitasking advantages of Win8 over iPads iOS 6, plus the ability to do full MS Office, expect a long slow climb in tablet market share for Win8.

Win8 is a operating designed for touch and almost alien for typical PC users(they can’t pry my mouse and keyboard from my cold, dead hands!) and as such will take time to win users over. Over time the shock of Win8 will wear off and it will remain the dominant operating system.

In coming blogs I will detail what I am looking forward to in Win8 and some of the feature which may make…

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