Windows 8 is coming……


Are you excited?

Windows 8 is coming.

October 26.

Android worried. Apple probably only slightly annoyed.

In the world of tablets, Win8 based tablets will start off slowly. iPads are the dominant force and for most will do just fine but as business and more serious users discover the multitasking advantages of Win8 over iPads iOS 6, plus the ability to do full MS Office, expect a long slow climb in tablet market share for Win8.

Win8 is a operating designed for touch and almost alien for typical PC users(they can’t pry my mouse and keyboard from my cold, dead hands!) and as such will take time to win users over. Over time the shock of Win8 will wear off and it will remain the dominant operating system.

In coming blogs I will detail what I am looking forward to in Win8 and some of the feature which may make…

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